Re-16 8lbs - Alliant Powder for sale

Re-16 8lbs – Alliant Powder

buy Re-16 8lbs – Alliant Powder for sale

Re-16 8lbs – Alliant Powder for sale , Long-range accuracy relies on the propellant being stable over a wide temperature range. Amazing consistency is made possible by the TZ® technology found in both Alliant Powder® Reloder 23 and AR CompTM.

It alters the material’s reaction so that instead of producing more pressure at higher temperatures and less pressure at lower temperatures, as would normally occur. Re-16 8lbs – Alliant Powder for sale

When comparing the 4350 burn speed bands, reloder 16 is slightly faster than reloder 17. Because of this, the 30-06 Spring and 270 Win. cartridges, along with 6.5mm target loads and tactical applications, can all benefit from its use without having to worry about the effects of temperature change. Re-16 8lbs – Alliant Powder

Features of Re-16 8lbs – Alliant Powder
  • World-class stability across temperature extremes
  • Contains proprietary de-coppering additive
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency
  • Formulation contains no DNT or DBP
  • Made in Sweden for Alliant Powder
  • The TZ® technology incorporated into Alliant Powder ReloderTM 16 Rifle Reloading Powder ensures reliable pressure output in any climate. Maintaining clean and accurate shooting barrels is a breeze with the help of Alliant Reloder 16 rifle reloading powder and its proprietary de-coppering additive.Reloder 16 has a slightly faster burn speed than Reloder 17, but it is still well within the 4350 burn speed range. Because of this, it is ideal for use in standard hunting cartridges like the 30/06 and 270 Win as well as target loads for the 6.5mm and tactical uses that require temperature stability.

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