IMR 3031 Powder for sale

IMR 3031 Powder for sale | Buy now!

Buy IMR 3031 Smokeless Gun Powder Online

IMR 3031 Powder for sale , IMR 3031 Smokeless Gun Powder is a medium burn speed propellant with many uses, and has long been a favorite of 308 Match shooters using 168-grain match bullets. IMR 3031 Smokeless Gun Powder in stock now is equally effective in small-capacity varmint cartridges from 223 Remington to 22-250 Remington, and it’s a great 30-30 Winchester powder. IMR 3031 Powder for sale

Important Information:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.

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