Glock Automatic Switch for sale online

Glock Automatic Sdwitch

Glock Automatic Switch for sale online , The highly sought after Glock G17, G19, G22 and G23 semi-automatic pistol switch is here! This switch turns a glock pistol into a small automatic weapon, making it a fully programmed

Apply now and get yours. It is called automatic burn, however it is normally referred to as the Glock switch. Transform a Glock pistol, a well-known rapid-fire weapon, into an assault rifle.

This stock is currently available. Select from our stock and immediately enter your request and receive it carefully.  Glock Automatic Switch for sale online


  • Easily installed and removed with no permanent modifications
  • Two/One Hand Racking
  • Enhanced overall grip on the slide

Glock switch in stock for sale

Fully programmed in 9mm Luger

GLOCK selective discharge pistol models were introduced for the military and law enforcement market.
Switch from automatic loading mode to fully programmed termination mode with the fire selector.
Rate of fire: 20 shots / second

 Properties of Full-auto switch

Safe Action SystemSafe Action System
Three securities withdraw consecutively as the trigger is pulled and consequently reconnect when the trigger is delivered.
Polymer outlinePolymer outline
Polygonal barrel profilePolygonal barrel profile
The polygonal barrel is not difficult to clean and its better shot to barrel fit builds the speed of the shot.
Magazine limit Magazine limit
The G18 and G18C accompany 17+2 rounds magazines with expanded floor plate. High limit magazines up to 33 rounds are accessible.
Surface refinement Surface refinement
The outer layer of the GLOCK slide and barrel is dark and non intelligent. All GLOCK metal parts are dependent upon a surface treatment making them consumption and salt water safe.

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