HOME BURGLARY SAFE – MSAFE™ PSB 220 for sale , Our most affordable line of burglary safes offers exceptional value for the level of security they provide. Although they are smaller and lighter-weight, the materials and composition are crafted and tested to resist aggressive burglary attacks. Consists of a double wall with a light fill. Equipped with a user-friendly, European high-security electronic lock. Compact size permits easy placement and installation. Also, offer 20 minutes of fire resistance. HOME BURGLARY SAFE – MSAFE™ PSB 220 for sale

    • Modern design equipped with a flush ring pull handle and an electronic, high-security ECBS Class A lock
    • Designed to protect contents against burglary
    • Manufactured to S2 burglary resistance rating in accordance with European standard EN 14450
    • Double-wall construction
    • Three-way locking bolts
    • Lock protected from drill attacks
    • Bolt down holes in the bottom and back of the safe
    • Neutral light gray color
    • Flame and heat resistant materials

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