cci small rifle primers #450

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  • Sale! CCI Ammunition 1 41 Military 5.56 Primer in stock

    CCI Ammunition 1 41 Military 5.56 Primer 1000/5


    Small Rifle Military Primers Firing pin retraction springs are rarely found in Small Rifle Military Primers. If ammunition is not assembled with care, a “slam-fire” can occur before the bolt locks. Military arsenals use different processes and components than their commercial counterparts, including various primer sensitivity criteria. CCI produces commercial rifle primers that meet military…

  • Sale! Winchester Large Pistol Primers in stock Now

    Federal Primers, Large Pistol, (1000)


    Winchester Large Pistol Primers The same primers that are used in Federal’s high-quality ammunition. Exacting standards are followed to ensure dependable ignition. Winchester large pistol primers Champion Centerfire Primers are the same as those used by Federal in their ammunition. All shipments of primers must include a “hazardous material” fee per shipping container. Powder and primers may be…