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  • Sale! Accurate 2520 Smokeless Powder in stock for sale

    Accurate 2520 Smokeless Powder (1 lb.)


    Accurate #2520

    Accurate Powders is a company that definitely lives up to its name. The complete line of smokeless powders for handguns, rifles, and shotguns is engineered and lab-tested to maximize the precision and performance. Accurate uses the best ballistic technicians and the highest quality components together to assure that every gun is better served with Accurate Powders.

    Accurate 2520 is a medium burning, double-base, spherical rifle propellant designed around the 308 Winchester. 2520 is a common Camp Perry powder and is extremely popular with many service shooters. 2520 also performs extremely well in 223 Remington with heavy match bullets (62 to 80 grain). This versatile powder has superb flow characteristics and is well within the threshold limit for the M14 systems.

    1 lb.

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known by the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproducive harm. For more information go

  • Buy Hodgdon H322 Smokeless Gun Powder Online

    Hodgdon H322


    Hodgdon H322 Smokeless Powder 1 Lb  Buy Hodgdon H322 Smokeless Gun Powder Online, Hodgdon Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application. Hodgdon H322 powder has won more bench rest matches than all other propellants combined. It provides match grade accuracy in small and medium capacity cartridges like the 223…