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  • Hodgdon H335

    Hodgdon H335


     Hodgdon H335 Powder  Hodgdon H335 , Hodgdon powder will help you achieve consistency with every trigger pull, whether you’re into hunting, fighting, or self-defense. The whole Hodgdon powder line, from the H4895 powder that started it all up to the new CFE line that has been formulated to reduce copper fouling, is proudly offered by…

  • Sale! Ramshot LRT Smokeless Gun Powder 1 lb in stock

    Ramshot LRT Smokeless Gun Powder 1 lb


    I’m Ramshot Powder The newly produced Ramshot Smokeless Powder is not drawn out of loaded ammunition and does not have a powder excess for military use. Each powder is double and spherically formed in the Ramshot family. The target is 338 Lapua Shooters, Ramshot LRT (Long Range Target). The burn rate is Retumbo-like. Ramshot Powder Additional important information: The re-loaders…